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My Cow Wears a Necklace

So I’m travelling in India, and thinking that this would be a good time to buy a gold necklace.  After all, there is probably no country in which there is as much investment in gold jewelry as in India.  But … Continue reading

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The poor pay more for their food, and they work harder too…

Hunger in Africa has been on my mind recently.  FAO has been reporting that food prices have spiked to record levels.  Worse, reports of famine in Somalia have been circulating – real true famine with people not just hungry, but … Continue reading

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The girl with the dirty finger nails

Don’t get me wrong. iDE has a careful hiring process.  We review resumés.  We do multiple interviews.  We check references.   Still, it’s often hard to spot the right candidate.  So when I saw the dirty fingernails, I knew we had found … Continue reading

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Water into wine

Tuesday is World Water Day.  iDE is planning to launch a new program to turn water into wine; a replication of the famous miracle at the marriage celebration feast at Cana several centuries ago.  To explain how we will do … Continue reading

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Small plot farmers and discarded sofas

One of my favorite concepts is that of “value.”  It is a word we use a lot at iDE.  Value chains.  Value streams.  Value proposition.  Shared value.  Value selling.  Customer value.  Value added.  So here’s a few thoughts about value.  … Continue reading

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