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Engaging Strangers

One thousand days ago I started posting a single photo (blip) daily to a global site in which users ran journals, attracted friends and became part of a global virtual community.  Getting these 1000 photos (each taken on the day … Continue reading

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Crossing the border

We were walking along US Mexico border wall just east of Douglas, AZ.  We were headed up a small hill for a better vantage point, we could see a Border Patrol truck sitting at the top.  As we neared the … Continue reading

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Get a World View

Since I last wrote about my daily “blipping” activity, we have relocated from Mexico to Colorado where we sold our home, and then carried on to Waterloo, Ontario.  We are missing Mexico, and are certainly missing Colorado big time, but … Continue reading

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Leaving Mexico

I left Mexico for the first time over 60 years ago.  I was 4 or 5 at the time; my parents had wanted to be missionaries in the state of Chihuahua but were unable to secure long term visas.  So … Continue reading

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The Streets of Winnipeg

It was great to re-visit Winnipeg this October 2013.  Starbucks, Grove Bar, Keg, Cholestrol Café, iDE office, Stella’s on Sherbrook, Tall Grass Prairie, FORKS, Donwood Manor, McNally’s – I managed them all, and some more than once.   I/we have so … Continue reading

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