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Since I last wrote about my daily “blipping” activity, we have relocated from Mexico to Colorado where we sold our home, and then carried on to Waterloo, Ontario.  We are missing Mexico, and are certainly missing Colorado big time, but we are also enjoying life closer to our grandsons (not to mention the lower cost of health care).

I now carry a card introducing me as a street photographer – I continue to be in metamorphosis from executive to artist.  I am approaching my 500th day to post a daily photograph, and I have been honored with over 127,000 views (and many more of my Flickr sets).  You can find all my daily photo blogposts at but if you want a bit of guidance, here are some of my favorites from the last few weeks.  Lots of links but don’t despair … just look at the ones which interest you.  (Oh, and inside the introductions to the photos, are further links to Flickr collections.  You will really have to be curious to go to those but there are some really worthwhile diversions).

March 30 – Back in Denver – A busker couple I have encountered several times over the years; I liked the complexity of the face paint / mask taken through the plate glass window.

April 06 – More Hair – One of the most impressive beards I have encountered.

April 07 – Cultural diversity – I encountered her with her husband in Walmart.  I was surprised at their openness to converse, and her willingness to be photographed.

April 21 – Get a world view – this chap was a street person standing proudly in front of an ad for the Economist.  Ironical.

May 28 – Touching Strangers – based on a project in which two complete strangers are asked to pose together and to be somehow in physical contact.

June 01 – Mark 11:25 – A heavily tattoo’d young woman with a reference to a bible verse about forgiveness on her neck.

June 02 – On the Street – I have met this chap several times on the streets in Kitchener; always in a good mood.

BBB_1161 mono

June 04 – Rebecca – So many of the tattoo’s I encounter have stories behind them; tributes and memorials to deceased individuals are common.

June 24 – Original – One of Canada’s original people lounging on the street in Toronto.

July 01 – Canadian – It was Canada Day, and as the quintessential Canadian had just returned from Tim Hortons.

Hope you enjoy this sampling.  Do send me comments if you like … or just press the delete key.

Al Doerksen


About Al Doerksen

I'm sort of a vocational tramp; my working career divides about evenly between non-profit and the business worlds. I have lived in Mexico, India, Germany and Canada, and now USA. I've had the good fortune to travel to 90 countries of which at least half are developing countries. The last 25 years of my "career" have involved significant (and enjoyable) international management challenges: travel industry, furniture manufacturing, food (aid) programming and ultraviolet water treatment among others. I'm now leading a development enterprise called IDE.
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